The Plan

2014, Day One, and THPL feels as vibrant and alive as ever.  I am hoping that each of you feel the same way.  Don’t let the cold or short days or post-holiday blues get to you.  Think of the THPL journey and how it can be your energy source – your center – the soul of high performance.  And it starts and ends with the plan - the goals for 2014.   After spending some time reflecting on what you did last year (appreciating all that you accomplished) you are ready to write down your goals for 2014.  This is really the fun part of the year.  We get to do the “Dream It” part of THPL again and again and again.  We do it till we get it right and we like the plan.  OK, I did just that and here are my goals for 2014:

Life – Do more with the Blog, extend its reach, bring in a few guest bloggers to add to the content, build a THPL website, start the concept for what a THPL book would look like and continue to post to the Blog every day.   

Yoga – I am going to do Yoga at least once a week.  Stretch the mind and the soul and the body.  Seek out ways to find the flow and use the restorative power of yoga to keep me healthy.

Continue to give to others with coaching and supporting them in reaching their goals. 

Learning – There is no question that I have benefited from YouTube and the content publishing that is omnipresent across what I am told is 1 million channels.  This year I am going to extend beyond just TEDx as my source of inspiration.  The goal will be the same count as last year but with a much broader population.  The goal is to watch twenty videos a week from and by smart people. 

As we all continue to press the envelope with fitness I feel that I need to deepen my knowledge of nutrition and its role in high performance.  I will research the topic and write at least once every other week about the benefits of the right nutrition approach when pushing the body and mind to new levels.

Fitness – 2014 is going to be the year of the marathon, I am committing to a marathon a month – counting ultra-marathons in the mix.  Any race that is longer than 26 miles.  Right now I am committed to two ultras – a 50 miler in Tucson in March and a 100 miler in Leadville CO in August.  Ten other traditional marathons to round out the year.  First marathon is in three weeks. 

I am going to continue to work on pull-ups with two goals.  The first to do 100 pull-ups in less than eight minutes.  I am also setting a stretch goal to be able to do “one” 1-arm pull-up.  The total for the year will be minimally 25,000 pull-ups.

For Max / Max day the goal is to get to 300 miles of riding and then over the year run at least 2,500 miles.

I am ecstatic about what is possible for all of us in 2014 and I find it amazing that we can each step into the calendar year 2014 with plans and goals that we know will bring us to new levels of performance.  It is a privilege that we can be part of THPL and we have an obligation to the journey, the goals and the community as such we have to stay true to our commitments and we need to hold high our believe that THPL is truly a life changing platform for each of us and those who seek out the same.

Loving life and looking forward to achieving our goals for 2014.