The Pot Hole

Let’s put this one in the category of Life and Learning. I have been driving back and forth to Pennsylvania for 18 months and I am amazed at the difference in the roads as you cross state lines.  It is clear that each State has decided on the priority that is places on road repairs.  And I am sorry to say that Pennsylvania does not win in this category.  In fact the road is so marred with pot holes that I have had to become a rather erratic and defensive driver as I navigate the 55 miles from the NY boarder to Scranton. 

Let me explain, my car has low profile tires – they do not like potholes, as a matter of fact, they dislike them so much that I have had to replace eight tires in 18 months.  This result has caused me to drive differently. Avoiding the pot holes as best I can I certainly have not been perfect as eight replacement tires indicate.  So, you might just say this is life – accept it.  Or you might offer that I should learn from the circumstance and do something about it.  THPL would tell me that Learning (doing it better) should trump Life (enjoying what I do) and that I should trade a bad design (low profile tires) for a better experience (like driving an SUV in PA). 

The question is a good one and applies to much of life.  You find a circumstance that you cannot change, it could be a “pot hole”, or a declining market, or a weak product – you can drive around it or through it (both of which sub-optimize the potential outcome).  Or you can change what you drive (meaning the approach that you take to market or the product you sell) and take the circumstance out of the picture.  I offer that our normal instinct is to stay the course and try to avoid the “pot hole” when in truth to really succeed you need to change the car (your approach).  For a moment life is hard and then life becomes much easier. 

Think about THPL and the “pot holes” in your life.  Can you learn enough so that you can make for a better path?  THPL knows you can - it is more about a willingness to be open to it.  Yes, indeed…….

Loving life and looking for my “SUV”