The Power of a Friend

The THPL life is full of amazing experiences, challenges, and adventures. And they all have high levels of intrinsic value to each of us as we chart our THPL journey.  But when we look deeper at how our THPL life, the life approach we have chosen, comes to its maximum benefit it is when it is done side by side with our true friends.  You know them, they are small in number, they change infrequently if ever, and they give to us, and care about us, in ways that words are pressed to describe.  What we know is that we can count on them and we can catapult off of them  - but mostly we can be ourselves with them – no pretense, just the bare metal exposed, buffed to a high sheen by the care and companionship afforded by the spirit of friendship.  Not much more needs to be said, just a thank you, from the heart, to your true friends – it is what makes THPL special to all involved. 

Loving life with my few friends



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