The power of fun

This coming weekend (Saturday October 12) is the Ironman world championship.  A race to decide on the best of the best in the Ironman distance triathlon (swim 2.4m, bike 112 m, run 26.2 m).  On Saturday, in Kona Hawaii, a lot of very fit, very serious, very motivated athletes will take to the course in hopes of a great finishing time or minimally a great life experience.  It should be an awesome time for all involved.  More on the race on Saturday after we see who takes home the title of world champion. 

And as one might expect, leading up to race day there are a ton of festivities, some last minute training, and even some fun on the island.  One of the traditions that seems to help take the edge off the racers (and the visitors as well) is the Kona Underpants Run.  Since 1998, on the Thursday before race day, thousands of people take to the streets for the Underpants Run.  This iconic run is run in nothing more than a pair of underwear and it is all about good humor, poking fun at each other and themselves and generally just having a great time.  It is indeed possible to laugh, train, and now even raise money (the event has become a charity run) in one event.  How nice is that?  If you ever think of taking yourself, just a bit too seriously, like we type A, THPL athletes have a tendency to do I suggest that you run your own version of the Underpants run – have some fun, laugh at yourself and connect with others.  We have plenty of time to be serious – now is time to have some fun.

Check out the race at this link – enjoy!

Loving life, especially in my tight undies!