The Power of Team

THPL, and the discussions that it has spawned, the journey that it takes us on and the way of life that it suggests has us putting the majority of our focus on the individual.  And this is important as each of us needs to understand, in our own way, how to live to the principles of THPL.  We need to practice until we get it right and we can reliably state, that we are living THPL. 

With a strong foundation we can turn our attention to the exponential power of THPL – that is called Team!  Think about it – a group of experienced THPL practioners, living to the THPL standards and along the way mentoring, coaching and supporting others as they set out on their own THPL journey.  This is quite a powerful thought.  A team of aligned THPL community players – all with a common goal – all there to support and help each other.  Seems to me that just about anything would be possible.  I am also quite confident that the team approach feels great and creates a level of momentum that is palpable.  It draws us in and it becomes contagious.  And yes there will be a few doubters but the team will either draw them in or spit them out.  Either is a good outcome as long as it is acted on in a thoughtful way.  The net of all of this is that I have seen the power of team in action over the past few days and it is a thing of beauty when it comes together – consider me a believer.

Loving life, especially when I am on an empowered team