The power of the question

THPL, as we all know, is a powerful concept.  When pursued it unlocks the potential that we have inside us as we stretch to do more in Life, Learning or Fitness.  It creates a need to know that can be satisfied by trial and error and a big smattering of persistence.  Put the two together and you will make progress, no doubt about it.  And while this is a good, and time tested method for improvement there are better ways to be able to get more info, to get more answers and to have access to the collective knowledge of the people, process and things around us. 

There is one way to take the whole THPL journey to the next level and while it might appear obvious, it is a skill that is not used as frequently as one might expect.  The skill is that of “asking questions”.  We can hypothesize why we are afraid of asking a question.  Someone might think badly of me?; I might appear “uninformed”; I know the answer so why would I ask a question?  But in fact we know intrinsically that none of these “excuses” are real, they just represent a flaw in our pursuit of knowledge and we need to train ourselves to take on this simple and most profound move –start asking questions.  When you start out you assemble a series of questions that are asked not only to draw individual answers, but also to encourage fundamental insight into the issue at hand. The other great outcome that occurs is that the experts that you query do more than just answer the question, they give you the insider’s view of how to work an issue.  Their experience is delivered and with it the power infuses your THPL pursuit and you are ready to take on whatever comes next.  Question in hand you are prepared for anything your life has in store for you.

Loving Life, especially with question in hand