The Power of Thought


I have read on many occasions that brain function improves with exercise..  My personal experience tells me that it is true.  The combo of information acquisition with exercise makes my learning more durable.  I can almost feel the neurons connecting better.  Thematically connected I read a recent study that tells me that superior learning takes place when classroom experiences are motivating and engaging.  Two examples of how to learn more, to learn better, and to do it more effectively.  So what is going on?  I am not an expert but it appears that engagement drives focus, that positive motivation improves our ability to remember and that attention is increased when the “good chemicals” in the body flow well.   Given that there is more and more data that shows how to “learn more/better” we should aim to create an environment that facilitates learning.  So, on your THPL journey see what you can do to reduce stress, create a positive emotional environment, combine exercise with your learning and be positive and active in your learning goals.  Mix this together with some of your THPL community members and build a positive emotional environment and you can create an emotional resilience and an ability to learn more efficiently and at higher levels of cognition.  Bottom line is that it seems we need to make these thoughts better known, understood, practiced and publicized

Loving life and learning faster and better.