The Power Of Touch

The Power of Touch.  Seems to me that it is a topic that gets little attention.  Why is that the case?  It could be that it is not a simple topic and thus not easy to write a blog post about.  Maybe it is just a lack of understanding of the topic?  Is it that we don’t care?  Have we created homogeneity such that it doesn’t matter?  Or is it that intimacy has been replaced by self-interest?  Maybe, indeed, it is an example of where you know it when you see it but it is hard to describe and thus hard to act on.  Undaunted by these challenges, I offer a few thoughts – if for nothing else, I hope it gets you to think about the Power of Touch.


First, the Power of Touch is intended to connect to THPL and to be a method / approach / way of thinking that helps you live THPL at the next level.  There are limitless possibilities that come from thinking about the way the Power of Touch relates to how you interact with people in your life, with how you do your work and how you apply yourself to sports or other activities. 

Before you jump in and start to practice - let’s first acknowledge that the typical THPL is lived by people who are hardworking, focused, driven and explicit.  As a result, it could be generalized that without “suggestion”  the Power of Touch could potentially not be a priority for THPL followers.  A THPL person can, though, and usually does become a believer in the Power of Touch as they do understand the nuance of great performance and if they want to take their personal  version of THPL to the next level of life, learning and fitness then they need to bring “touch” to the situation. 

My thesis on this topic is that the Power of Touch starts with a deep understanding and care for the person, process or game that you are involved in (and it also has a high level of self-awareness required).  This deep understanding allows you to bring finesse to a situation as you have to make the action relative to the need, make it strong enough to make an impact and make it believable enough to keep the attention high. 

I am sure that if you think, even for a short period of time, you will find a few examples of success and failure that was a direct result of either having (or not having) the right touch.  It takes time to figure out how hard or easy to go.  It takes practice to know the difference a big or small push makes and it takes a willingness to sense when it is working and when it is not.  When lived properly, THPL is a system – it has inputs and outputs that are there for interpretation.  You just have to be aware.  In fact, it is easy to see the people that you know who do have a great touch.  Watch them, learn from them, and copy them.  They can give “bad’ news and end up with a happy person. They can also give advice and it is taken and they know when to push hard, especially with high performers who need a push.   You can also easily see those who have “no touch”, they are relatively ineffective when it really matters and they rarely understand why. 

In a world that is full of heavy handed thinking, actions and messages, you can be truly different if you think about how the Power of Touch will make all the difference in the world.  So, give it a try, make it an effort worth doing and make sure that you remember that it is You that makes the Power of Touch work.

The Sally streak continues 3:26 +25 seconds, 230 pushups on 4:17. 

Loving life and feeling the Power of Touch