The Price of Discipline

There are quite a few sayings that when you read them, or hear them, that they resonate with you.  Maybe it is just common sense, maybe it relates well to your situation or maybe it is aspirational.   Today I came upon one of these sayings and I felt that it described a choice that fits well with THPL.  It characterized the choice of thought that we often knowingly and sometimes, unknowingly, go through as we traverse the journey that we know is the high performance life.  Further to the point – the idea reflected by this saying is a good reminder of how we should think about our choices.  I suggest you do a gut check on this one – is it indeed true that in your life  “The Price of Discipline is always better than the Pain of Regret.” And if not why not?  Can we use this saying as a challenge that we can put before ourselves?  Have fun with it.  

Loving life, and the price  discipline.                                                                                                                                                                                    Ciao