The Race of Truth

OK, yes, we are back at the Tour de France, stage 11 of 21.  Chris Froome is in the lead.  Yesterday was the first rest day and today was the first individual time trial.  The format of today’s stage has each participant riding by themselves for the entire length of the course.  Today it was 20 miles – flat – yes – but also “flat out” for each rider.  They start riding as hard as they can and they then try to hold on at the “red line” level for the entire length of the race.  The speeds that they ride at are so fast most of us could not even hit them for a moment (well maybe downhill), let alone for 20 miles.  Tony Martin the winner of the stage today averaged 34 mph.  As we know THPL contemplates what high performance is and can be, and it, I believe, reminds us that even the best physical specimen does not always perform well.  It takes intense focus and incredible mental strength to get maximum performance.  And it is from this power of the mind that Tony and the other competitors took to the streets.  They pedaled till it hurt too much and they then pedaled harder.  They found no respite in this race – it was just the rider against the clock  - and they know you have to give it your all till you cross the finish line.  And then if you are like Tony Martin you then wait and wait and wait till the other riders cross the finish line, hoping that no one bested your time.  He just had to hope that he put in his best effort and then some.  And that is why they call it the Race of Truth – It is just you against yourself – and when you win you know why – as Tony stated at the end of the race – it would have been a disaster for me to not have won.  Today he personified THPL  - he was capable and he delivered!  Go Tony.

Loving life, even though it is a bit slower than 34 mph