The “Reach”

Along the THPL journey we find moments and times when we set for ourselves goals that are bigger than our normal stretch goals – they are “reach” goals – one’s that take a different kind of thinking, commitment and willingness to go beyond even our normal levels of higher and higher performance.  I am sure that some, hoping many, of our community have one of these planned for this year or next.  They force us to think differently, they can make us uncomfortable and they keep us living in the THPL because there is no way we would get it done otherwise. 

My “reach” goal for 2014 is the Leadville 100 trail run scheduled for August 16.  More than three months away it is a daunting challenge.  With an average finish rate of about 50% your ego cannot be the way to think about finishing this race.  It is a test of mind, body and soul that is for certain.  To give yourself a fighting chance of being one of the finishers to finish under the 30 hour cutoff or the 25 hour belt buckle cutoff requires the proper preparation.  And so that is what I am out doing tomorrow – preparing, building confidence, testing the “machine” to see how it will do when running in somewhat similar circumstance.  The race is the Whiskey Row marathon in Prescott, Arizona.  The out-and-back course is considered one of the challenging US marathons.  We start at 5,280 feet and climb to 7,000 over the first seven miles, then back down to 5,600 at the 13.1 mile turnaround and then back over the mountains you go to finish in downtown Prescott. 

The goal for tomorrow is to run at a “Leadville” pace – targeting a marathon in the four + hour horizon.  Getting ready, that is what is required when you go for the “reach” – it will not provide certainty but it will get you as ready as you can be. 

More to come tomorrow and over the next few months as August 16th gets closer and closer.

Loving Life and reaching for more