The Right Choices

Food is so important to life that we often take it for granted.  Not sure if this is because it is getting easier and easier to get food or because we have minimal direct connection between what we eat and how we live our lives.  Our food choices after all have as big an impact, on us, as our decisions to exercise, to learn, to think etc. – food really does play out importantly as it relates to each and every aspect of our THPL lives. 

So the mantra for today, as we get closer and closer to the full blown holiday season is to resolve to be active about the food choices that we make.  We know food choices have an impact so let’s step up to the challenge of, minimally, being aware of what we eat.  Make sure you think about what you decide to eat, that you make an active tradeoff between “what you want” and “what you should have”.  That you hold yourself accountable to your food choices.  To help, you might want to keep a virtual ledger that has you counting the number of times that you pick the “good for you stuff” more than the alternative.  Then you can challenge yourself to try more natural foods, with less packages, less ingredients, and more natural aspects It really is not hard to do – If you ask yourself how did this food get on my plate (or in my mouth) and you are not sure you like the answer (packaged, full of additives, too many ingredients etc) then maybe it is time to make another choice.  If you do this just a few times every week, over time your diet will just get better and better and you benefit from it in so many ways

Loving life and making the right choices



Photo Credit: puffclinty via Compfight cc