The Scranton Half Marathon – one month to go

The Scranton Half Marathon is a month from now and for anyone who lives here or in the Northeast it seems like the race will be run in winter and not in the spring.  Not sure we expected so much snow and ice around in the lead up to the race.  But for anyone signed up for the Scranton Half the weather has to take a back seat to the final preparation.  The time is now to finish with a strong training plan as the next three weeks are important to make sure that we show up ready to run and have some fun at this inaugural half-marathon.  With 2,500 people signed up it proposes to be a great race and for all who line up at the start line they will be part of a real growing trend in the US.  Between 1990 and 2012, the number of Americans running a half marathon quintupled. In 1990, only 303,000 Americans finished a half marathon. Today, that number is more than 1.6 million and growing.  It is a great distance, difficult enough to feel like a big accomplishment but not too far to require extreme amounts of training.   The accessibility to these fun races is a great trend and seems to be a nice extension to the THPL community.  Start with one half marathon and who knows what might be next.  So, keep running and we will meet you at the start! 

Loving life and the half marathon