The Simple Act

THPL has at its core a focus on improving performance for each of us who are part of the community of practitioners who are living the THPL life.  And this approach drives a high emphasis on one’s individual performance.  It is important, though, as we take this journey, to think as actively as to how we can bring out high performance in others.  It is critical to the health of THPL that we focus on each other and one way to do is by showing active support for the thoughts and actions, suggested or taken, by your friends, companions and THPL community members. 

Showing support is one of the simplest, most effective, ways to do this.  There really are few things that feel as good and generate as much confidence as when someone you respect, tells you that they like your idea, they think you made a good decision, that you showed good judgment and they tell you that they are impressed and proud of you.  It is simple acts like this that make all the difference in the world.  So, please, look for opportunities in your daily THPL journey to acknowledge, support, and celebrate those who are around you.  They will be forever grateful and you will feel wonderful for having done it. 

Loving life while telling others they are wonderful