The Spirit Within


We often talk about how THPL sets you on the path to find your next level, or put differently how to get more and more of the capacity that you have for fitness or learning or life.  We inherently know that we can do more….. finding it is the key.  We do use THPL plans and approaches to get us there or we can look at others who have a spirit that catches our attention because it is impressive, infectious and beyond the norm.  One example of this kind of spirit comes from Dianna Nyad.  At the young age of 64 she is preparing for her fifth attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida.  An improbable feat, the swim, 103 miles in length, will take her about three days if she is successful.  Over the 20+ years, and five attempts, that she has tried the swim she has run into some of the most challenging conditions one could imagine including close calls with sharks, significant attacks from box jelly fish and the challenging overall conditions of being in the water for three days.

The spirit that Nyad brings to the challenge is what is intriguing.  She not only has found a way to get beyond the potential for failure, for misery, and for danger, she has kept the challenge and the difficulty as the motivator.  There is a fine line between needing to accomplish a life time goal and being satisfied with the attempts.  And so far she is laser focused on the goal and she sees, no road blocks, rather problems that she can design solutions to so that she can make this fifth attempt a success.  For example, her team has spent a year designing a special prosthetic face mask to prevent the jellyfish from stinging her. 

And so it is, we see yet again the human spirit cannot be constrained, Not at 64 years old or at any age. THPL is alive in many people even if they are not directly part of our community – we can live and learn from them, admire them and be inspired by them.  Yes indeed. 

Loving life and seeing the spirit that is THPL