The Tracker

This life, we fondly think of as THPL, is both complicated and simple  - complicated when we think about how we fit in everything, each day, each week, each year of our life.  Simple when we realize that it is indeed just about the spirit that we bring to our own version of THPL that make it real.  And so then the question of the day is what can you do to make sure that there are no major speed bumps on your THPL journey.  One way that we have found to avoid the speed bumps is to use a daily activity tracker to document the commitments and results from your daily THPL activities.  So many profound changes occur when you take the few minutes required, each day, to write down what you do.  The success model that is created by this level of accountability is simply profound.  It need not be “fancy” nor complicated – just commit to writing it down and you will be forever changed as you will have a daily opportunity to look yourself in “the eye” and see how real and committed you are to THPL.

Loving life and writing down everything I do