The Walkable City

I hesitate to drown THPL readers in Ted videos but when you happen upon the really good one’s you feel the need to share.  Just think they are usually less than 20 minutes long – not too big of a commitment to advance your thinking and knowledge and to get THPL points.  And given the recent flurry of posts relating to fitness I thought that we needed a reprieve and this video captured a very unique, interesting and compelling idea of how we should think about sustainability and living (aka Life).  So, here you go; Jeff Speck is a city planner and architectural designer who advocates for smart growth and sustainable design and he has a well-founded theory that walkable cities can save America from its emerging sustainability crisis.  Much of what he presents makes you think about some of the core fundamental assumptions that many of us have regarding how to bring THPL to life.  And it does seem that we can learn from smart people like Jeff on this topic. His key thesis is that we need to do more than that which we can (and should) do just on our own (as individuals) – that we need to look for more effective solutions for sustainability.  As his theory details, the leverage point is in how we organize to live – rural, suburban, urban – they all have their attraction – but when the sustainability umbrella is unfolded over each setting he asserts that when you have a well-designed city you get a disproportionate advantage from the scale and efficiency of a city and sustainability becomes real. 

Enjoy the video – and if you do move to the city I am sure some of your fell THPL community members will help you get there

Loving life especially with a new view on sustainability