The world we live in

I assert that to be serious about THPL and our core elements of Life, Learning and Fitness it is critical that we recognize that the earth, our community, and our environment  are critical enablers of being able to achieve high levels of performance.   As noted before to get maximum return from our efforts we need alignment and harmony.  And as I look around me I feel we do not have harmony or alignment in our communities or our environment and our earth is suffering as a result.  It appears that self-interest is trumping collective benefit.  I know this is a rather complex and often over simplified topic.  But a reminder of the challenge that we collectively face with our planet, and the actions we can take as individuals that do make a difference is good to do from time to time. 
I believe that there a lot of people who are in denial of what is going on around us.  They want to ignore the signs of rising global temperatures, they believe that smog and pollution only happen in faraway places like Beijing (when during the Olympics smog alerts were so bad that running was nearly impossible) and some might want to think that the melting of the glaciers is just a part of planetary evolution.  My premise is that if we continue to deny what is going on around us and stay passive we reduce our opportunity to live THPL.   I state this because each of us who are reaching to live in a higher state needs optimal conditions to operate in.  For example, if you are trying to learn something new and challenging you would not want constant interruptions, when working on hard intervals you want pure air to breathe, and when living life in your local community you would rather put your effort to urban farming, not clearing debris from trash strewn around by unwitting neighbors. 
So, the challenge and call to action for each of us is to think about how to drive towards creating an earth, a community and an environment that provides a setting for high performance.  What is necessary?  What changes will you make if you are able to make changes that give you better performance?  I suggest that each of us create our own list of ideas, plans and actions that we can take to make this a reality.  To keep the mission of THPL alive we are going to have to get engaged at both a personal and community level.  Just like we make no excuses for our THPL performance, we cannot make excuses for why we allow the foundation of all we do (our earth) be abused to such level that it inhibits performance and how you want to live.  Here are a few examples of what I do (that you can copy) that will have a role to play in bringing the planet and our community back into harmony.
Fitness – We run on the Lackawanna Heritage trail in Scranton – and when we do instead of running around trash we pick it up.  We organize a clean-up once a year.  We make the trail look so nice that others want to get out and walk / jog / run. 
Learning – I read articles on global warming, research the benefits of recycling, and measure my carbon footprint.  With this new set of knowledge I found that my views and behaviors changed.  The best part is others will copy me and the positive effect is multiplied
Life – I like the “casual” definition of integrity as “what you do when no one else is looking”.  Yes, most of our lives are lived in private.  It is in this setting, however, that we can take our life to the next level by holding ourselves accountable to the themes of high performance.  My own favorite example is a funny one – staying in a hotel recently I decided to walk up to my room from breakfast (to save on the electricity in the elevator).  Sadly on the way up I dropped my bowl of cereal all over the floor.  With no one around I could have continued on (yes with nothing to eat) but I chose to clean up my mess.  No one saw what I did and yes, it did take some doing to make the hallway look decent again.  I felt great after picking up the cereal and what I realized that I was operating at a new level of life accountability one that I would put in the category of high performance and taking care of the community.
And so it goes, make a commitment first and foremost to THPL and then all other good things will come because your success will depend on it.  The earth, community and environment are counting on it.

Well I guess the rule states that the new day does not start till after you go to bed.  So, I still hung in there with Sally till then end 3:26+25 seconds, 190 pushups on 4:17, gave it all I had.  Tested the heart and soul tonight, to stay the course, and the body came through.
Loving Life and good night.