There's always reasons not to...

Since Sunday is not a day of rest - I made it a day of reflection -  My thought for the day:

There are a lot of reasons not to write this note every day, there are a lot of reasons why not to keep working on your fitness quest, there are always doubts, worries, barriers but what I know is that when you believe in something you stick with it. Why?  because we will get get something more from this endeavor, something bigger than just another push-up (all though that is cool too).  We are building a power in ourselves, built from discipline, goal setting, challenge, camaraderie, follow through and ultimate accomplishment.  We will carry this into everything we do.  So, yea - it is worth it. Now to the numbers:

12 mile run, 80 pull-ups in 10 minutes (not sure this was wise), 45 minutes on the bike

Go to 2:44 with Sally - happy to still be on this plateau - then my 30 second rest - to the finish and happy to be there - then 130 push-ups in 4:17 - I then tried Melissa’s suggestion - that was funny - my legs shaking so badly I could barely get through minute one.  I guess I have some work to do.  Building function fitness- Reebok cross-fit here we come!

Till tomorrow


Joey g