THPL heads to London

THPL embeds itself in each of our lives one many levels.  We orient our activities such as how we eat, when we sleep, train, read, learn, all in support of our goals for high performance across life, learning and fitness.  And living this life style, with high expectations and high needs can set up a THPL conundrum  - that is, to execute optimally you control the variables – you train in the same location, eat the same foods, etc. but to live a THPL life you change your environment, you explore, and you try new things – which then increases the complexity of delivering on your version of THPL.  The outcome is that it forces you to think about, to stretch and to morph how you deliver on your goals when you are not in control in the same way.

Leaving the US for London is not all that challenging to THPL, well unless your flight is delayed for three + hours and your entire day one plan is put at risk. The silver lining is that these challenges force us to re-think how we achieve our daily goals.  Creativity becomes a required skill, and we then set out to re-visit our plan and look for windows of opportunity to get done what is required to satisfy, at some level, our requirements for THPL.  Every day is truly an amazing learning experience on the THPL journey.  What a great thing it is indeed….. 

Loving life, here, there and everywhere.