THPL in action at 102

So, it took me a day or so to catch up with the extreme adventure news.  I mostly do this with my YouTube subscription.  I am not sure what YouTube channels you subscribe to but for sure one of my favorites is the GoPro Camera channel.  It is amazing to watch the GoPro videos – the perspective that you get when the video is done in the first person is just so different and so real that you can feel the action and emotion as you watch.  Once you start watching this channel you will find that there are a lot of adventuresome people around us and it never ceases to amaze me the video that they will shoot when pursuing their version of THPL. 

So, I guess it really is no surprise that one of the videos this week was of Dorothy Custer who did a tandem base jump at the ripe old age of 102.  In her action and successful BASE jump, Dorothy has raised the bar on what we can consider in THPL.  She has literally set a new standard for mindset.  Pushing the physical part of BASE jumping aside it is her mindset that is incredible.  Having such a spirit of adventure at 102 years of age has to be embarrassing for many of us who make excuses for why we cannot do something.

 I think it is time to step up and role model your THPL behavior in comparison to Dorothy.  And the next time you are out there wondering if you could do “it” I suggest you say Dorothy to yourself, reflect on it for a second and then get to the task at hand.  I know for sure I would not want to tell Dorothy why I was to “  “ to take on my challenge.  I know that I would not have the heart to do such a thing.

Loving life just a bit more than halfway to 102