THPL Triple

There are some days that THPL is more central to how you think (and act) and other days when THPL is there but not as active.  And on those days when you feel that THPL is “front and center”, when you cannot help but think about how to maximize the day on one dimension of either Life, Learning or Fitness you have to go for it.  And today was one of those days for me – and it was the fitness element that was hyper active.  It started with an early morning sunrise run of ten miles alongside the Colorado River, with the sandstone walls all around rising up to the sky I had the formula for a perfect run– the flow was there and when I finished I knew that I was going to get outside again.  A few hours later I jumped on my bike and rode into Arches National Park – the living landscape felt as if an animator drew it just for me.  The stunning beauty made the 40 mile round trip ride, with 10 miles of climbing, go by in an instant.  After a PBJ lunch I was ready for yet one more ride.  A fun 10 mile trail ride was the right way to end the day – it was perfectly setup for a frolicking mountain bike ride that skirted the rim of canyon after canyon – perfect….

And so it was three fitness activities that made me feel that I could call April 12 an official THPL day.  I think I need to do one of these again.  I hope you also feel the same and that you find a day that you call your THPL day.  Best of luck finding it.

Loving Life and My THPL day