Three simple rules

Weekends need to be the time to get focused and to put in some quality training. It matters little what weekend the season is part of as the THPL is blind to such thinking.  And since during the “work week” we are forced to balance our paying job’s responsibilities with the training we can fit it in, it is critical that we make the weekends count.  Which should make us look forward to the days when we have more control over how we use our time.  With this kind of freedom available to us we should consider the following three rules to keep our THPL journey on track.

It’s Not Supposed to Be Easy

As THPL athletes, we need to look for something that’s just past our level. Sometimes, yes, we can get frustrated if the training plan is too hard.  But the goal has to be to try to do something that stretches us, something that is beyond our normal training regimen.   And if it feels easy then we’re not actually pushing it and THPL is not getting full advantage of our weekend time. 

Go Out and Do it A lot
Run, bike, swim, hike, whatever your passion, you should do it more on the weekend. It is the one time when you will have extended periods of time to be active.  Take advantage of it and do at least one long session each weekend.  You might even feel like THPL is coming alive when you do this.

Ditch the Gym
Running on a treadmill is great when there is no alternative and it, like a stationary bike or pool, can really serve a useful training purpose.  But there is nothing like training outside - cold, hot, dark, rainy - the conditions don’t matter because when there is no roof over your head THPL just feels and operates better.  We just have to get out there as often as we can – make no excuse and get outside.  You will be better for it. 

Loving life when following the three simple rules