Time Alone

When we choose the THPL lifestyle, we do so with a set of active decisions for how we want to live.  It is to have all of the attributes of a “full” life that we have contemplated.  Multi-dimensional (life, learning, and fitness), challenging (we seek high performance), longitudinal (we take a journey over time) and active (we DO stuff and lots of it).  And as we dig deeper and embrace this way of living, more and more, it becomes keenly obvious that all of our activities are not going to be done with others.  Yes, we are part of a strong and vibrant community, but mostly, we live in parallel with our community members.  Which means that we will be doing a lot of our activities by ourselves.  For some this is different, but even if you are “good” with it you might consider that your time alone is to be treasured.  Mentally strong people, like THPL practitioners, enjoy and even treasure their time alone. They use this time to reflect, to plan, and to be productive. Most importantly, what we begin to realize is that we need not depend solely on others to shore up our happiness, satisfaction with our performance or our mood.  We realize that we can be equally happy with others, and alone.  And that we need to have both for THPL to get maximum value.  So, schedule some time with yourself, do something that you truly enjoy and remember that “numero uno” is really good company.

Loving Life, especially when by myself