The day after a tragedy of the proportion of the Boston Marathon there are a mix of feelings and experiences and emotions – all of which need their time to play out.  Some will pass in a short time, some will take much longer.  And that is ok.  We need not rush forward, we need not try to put this moment behind us.  What we do need to do is to look around us at why we still love life, why we will have hope and why we will be better tomorrow.  The great news, at least from what I have seen over the past 24 hours is that the spirit around us is alive and getting  stronger.  For example, at our Scranton office of Penn Foster today we walked a silent mile around our property, we had over 300 people streaming around the building, reflecting on what our colleagues in Boston are feeling and praying for the injured and affected.  It was a show of solidarity, spirit and strength that I have rarely seen.

And so tomorrow will bring our first real day back at it – moving forward, contemplating the next phase of challenge on the way to THPL.  I imagine that other blog posts will be back at their editorial agenda and our readers will settle back into their routines.  What I commit to doing is to curating all of the life experiences I have and others have lived that set a context for how we should live – THPL is a metaphor for making choices, for setting a path, not just on the road less traveled, but rather on the road we know we should be on.  It is rare that we do not know the right thing to do – the difference in life is the gap between what we know we should do and what we actually do.  The events of yesterday, the messages and thoughts from this blog; they are to be used as the way to close the gap  - to make it more possible to get to the goals we set and to role model how we should live. 

So as you enter tomorrow, grab hold of someone you love, reach for an idea, stick to a commitment, and be active in what you do.  THPL is waiting for you and everyone around you.  Yes indeed……

And so it is, the time in the blog that I talk about pushups – funny thing is that pushups were the impetus for this blog – they instigated a new phase of life for me and for many others.  They have been the engine of this ride.  And so, while I did do the pushups last night and this night I think it best that the numbers become secondary to the messages and meaning of the blog.  You can rest assured I am doing them every day – I will tell you if I do not.  But it seems like a good time to move the numbers out of the narrative and into the fabric of THPL

Loving life now and forever