Tour de France 2014

Another year has gone by and the boys of cycling have assembled for the 2014 version of the Tour de France.  This year the tour starts in the UK.  Three days riding across the British countryside and the country has come out in droves to see the racers.  It was truly a beautiful setting for the iconic race of cycling - they will soon be in France working their way around for the home of the Tour for the next three weeks.  Today’s race reminded us that this sport has a much danger to it as it does excitement.  With just a short distance to the finish two of the favorites took a hard crash – one touch of the wheels – a centimeter too close and the two of them were out of the race in a split second.  These boys live THPL every day, they train hard and then go harder and they sacrifice everything to win and it can all be lost in a moment.  But as much as the risk is ever present they would never go easy if it meant not having a chance to win and to prove that they can put up the best performance of anyone in the field.  I am sure that some of the boys who crashed will be back on their bikes tomorrow ready to ride again – it might hurt a bit but that is part of what happens along the way.  A few bumps and bruises are expected as you pursue an extreme version of THPL.  With risk comes the potential for reward and it is what will push these boys over the next three weeks.  Stay tuned, it looks like it is going to be a great version of the Tour de France.

Loving life, and the Tour de France.