Something you can count on, something that has meaning that you want to share, something that you look forward to – that is what tradition is.  You live for it, you cherish it, you value it and you want it to continue and continue and continue.  There would appear to be many reasons not to continue traditions, not enough time, lots of other stuff to do, want to try something new.  But truth is that none of these excuses work when the tradition is real. We all own our traditions too deeply.  We would not violate them – THPL tells us that we need to stay true to our values and what we value.  When you do life just gets better.  And so in this case predictability (aka tradition), is the best part of life – yes predictability becomes a positive because we need some elements of our life to have permanence, feeling, meaning.  And so whether you create the tradition or a participant, treasure them because they really are a thread across our life that holds us together, in only the best way.  Yes, that is what tradition is and I am glad to have been at the 24th version of the tradition we call our holiday party.  And so it is that on the first Saturday of December, every year, I get to be part of our tradition that helps to make my version of THPL the best ever. 

Loving life and my traditions.