Travel Day

On one hand 168 hours seems like a lot – it is the number of hours in a week.  And when you think about your THPL life it is how you choose to use time that determines a lot of how your life goes.  And the question on a day like today, one of the “biggest” travel days of the year is what do you do when you cannot control how you use your time because the masses are all trying to move at the same time which just flat out slows you down.   Getting around wherever you traveled today just took longer than normal.  It is at times like this when perspective is needed and important.  We have to consider that there will be some “slop” time in our lives.  Time that you cannot plan for, cannot use, nor can get much of a return from.  To the degree that you accept this to be the case it is possible that you feel better about flight delays, sitting in traffic, or waiting for people to show up.  It takes some practice and forethought but it is way better when you let days like today factor into your overall THPL mindset.  The same mindset that pushes you to do more can adjust down when you need it to.  You can look at days like today as an opportunity for how to manage your emotions and your expectations.  Roll with it, you are not going to be able to control it – keep this in mind and it becomes great advice a THPL practitioner can give themselves.

There is an interesting meta insight that comes from days like this – When living THPL it could be that doing nothing is harder than doing something.  Maybe that is just what we find out on days like today.  Which leads us to the point that when we can balance both, doing and not doing, and know how they both fit into our THPL life that we will have more harmony than frustration and a smile all the day around. 

Loving life and “ok” with sitting in traffic.