A week ago I started my journey in Saint Louis, MO, and then went to Phoenix, AZ, to Scranton PA, Katonah NY, Las Vegas NV and now Springdale (Zion) Utah.  I slept in six states in a week (eight days really), temperatures ranged from 40 degrees to 99 degrees, from rain to blazing sun.  I saw lizards and squirrels, cactus and oak trees.  A few different foods along the way and a few different people to meet and talk to – some old friends, some work associates, and even a few “strangers” to have a short talk to (Like the family from Baton Rouge LA on the same hike as I was in Red Rocks Canyon in NV).  And as I often do, I try to connect to THPL concept and the life’s journey that it proscribes for us – one that is not fixed or static but rather dynamic and changing.  It reminds us that we need to challenge ourselves to love this journey that is our life and it must be loved and appreciated.  Further we need to get out and see the world. You cannot know how wonderful the feeling is until you venture out like I have this past week  - it has truly been amazing.  I do not feel tired from it – rather energized.  I was able to do so much in a week, on all elements of Life, Learning and Fitness.  With each day fitting into the overall narrative of THPL. 

And what did I learn from this experience? I offer the following:

  • I created no constraints this past week – rather I set goals to keep me focused.  The big one was to run 70 miles in a week when I was traveling and working every day.  I achieved the goal  - I know that without the goal it would not have happened
  • I spent time with a lot of people who I know and don’t know – in each location it personalized the days, and the week became a community event – all be it a broad scale community. 
  • You need to get at least 50 miles away from where you live every month (It should be every week but this might be a stretch).  You will be amazed at what you see and who you meet.  And I can tell you for sure, you will never get tired of seeing the Red Rocks of the beautiful southwestern part of our country.  It is beautiful beyond words.

Start planning your next adventure – you will be much happier for it

Loving Life on the run