True Kitchen

We all live in a highly distributed, digital, fast paced life. This is especially true for the members of the THPL community.  We rarely seem to have a moment that is not full and we tend to pace through life quickly. To move quickly, though, you need to be in alignment with the people you interact with, or the places you go, the foods that you eat.  This is because it takes less energy to work across all elements of THPL.  It might be obvious, however it bears repeating….. When you are in alignment with all elements of THPL, especially other people, you will be much more efficient and effective.  And so it goes…..

But lest we become skeptical that anything will change there are those moments or surprise when alignment falls in place, when all energies are focused on forward momentum.  At these moments it is great to seize on the opportunity and run with it wherever it might take you.  Tonight I had one of those moments when Learning and Life were elevated just by picking the right restaurant to eat at and have the right server to connect the dots. 

In Scottsdale, AZ there is a restaurant named True Food Kitchen.  You don’t have to be a die-hard THPLer to dine at True Food Kitchen. You need only a desire to give your body nutrients, and your palate something memorable. The basis for Dr. Andrew Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet isn’t meant to deprive a healthy body of great flavors, it’s meant to take popular trends in cuisine and pair them with healthy living.  At the True Food Kitchen, they want you to feel better, live longer, and make your mouth happy in the process.  So how might it get better than this?  For a vegetarian member of THPL community it is a very happy moment when you find such a place.  It reminds me or how great it is when the community works together for a common good.  Our THPL community does this and I have found another organization who is creating a community that also does this.  And yes they are not the only two who do this – there are many an organization that can help  - this is good and it is also good to celebrate this new found enthusiasm for life and THPL

Loving life especially when in alignment