THPL is all about doing more – doing it better and doing it again and again.  Today in San Francisco I took an Uber-x car twice.  This makes four times this week.  And every time I took the service, I realized that this new-age car service is a model that seriously represents the attributes that are THPL. And in case you have not heard of Uber;  Uber is a venture-funded transportation network company based in San Francisco that makes mobile application software that connects passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire and ridesharing services.  It is truly an amazing service that leverages mobile tech to give an end-to-end amazing experience.  From the moment you hit the request button the experience begins.  You are notified all along the way the location of your car, the driver and his/her rating.  They show up on time and take you where you are going with a smile and a level of reliability that others can only be envious of.  Once the ride is completed you get an email with the receipt and the ability to rate the driver.  A truly holistic and remarkable experience.  It is no wonder that the local taxi companies are opposed to Uber in their markets.  A better service can do that to you. 

Think about it – you choose to live the THPL life and you are successful in doing so and then you realize by living this way you have differentiated yourself which allows for more opportunity and deeper levels of fulfillment than would otherwise  occur.  All because of how you chose to live and the standards you lived to.  Yes, indeed, we can do better and better and better – there are examples all around us – Uber is just one of them - let’s be inspired by them.

Loving life, especially when an Uber-x shows up