Vacation Day

 When most of us entered the work force, way before THPL became an explicit life theme, much of the year was working towards taking a vacation.  Money was saved up, time was put aside, and plans were made.  One of the basic attributes of the vacation was choosing what you got to do.  When done right it was fabulous – you got to hang on the beach, stay up late, eat at a favorite restaurant, hit a few golf balls, read a book – you get the picture. And if you were really lucky you could do this twice a year – two weeks out of 52 that were “vacation weeks”.  Thinking about it now, it seems that there is just too little vacation and that there is some sort of imbalance in this model.  A lot of “work” traded for a little bit of “vacation”. 

So how about a suggestion.  What if every day of your life became a new version of the vacation day.  You could do it by making an explicit choice, every day to pick something you want to do and you do it?  You would have created the intraday (everyday) “vacation” day.    All it would take is for you to choose to read for a bit, or go out to eat or hit golf balls, or go for a run, the specific activity is not the point – it is that you made the choice……you get the gist.  Maybe vacation is more of a mindset, one that we need to use more frequently.  How about giving it a try – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  I for one think that every day is a blessing and I make choices to enjoy them to the greatest degree possible, the THPL version of the vacation day.  Wicked cool…….

Loving life and 365 days of vacation