Wake Up Early


What is it that you like to do but never have enough time for?  Read the Sunday newspaper, go for a run, volunteer at a local charity.  The time starved life seems to win more times than it does not.  The urgent trumps the important and that which we love gets relegated to “later”.  So, how about we change it up a little bit.  What if we change the approach?  What might happen if we commit to getting up early on one weekend day and using the time to do that one thing we love doing.  My experience is that in this “give to get” you find yourself thrilled that you made the tradeoff.  Yes, it is easy to sleep more – to get the rest you “need”.  But maybe there is just another way to settle your soul – maybe it is by doing that one extra thing that you love doing.  The feeling that you get when you are done is usually remarkable.  Give it a try – what do you have to lose?  Maybe you really have something to gain – go for it – Wake Up Early.  Prove it to yourself that you can do what you want.  Remember you can do more than you think you can…..

 Loving life especially when waking up early