For the past six weeks I have travelled back and forth across the country six days a week, too many cities to count and one too many packed airplanes, for sure.  And as I got off my San Fran to Boston flight at 2 am, the guy next to me, said, you a road warrior too?  I innocently nodded my head and before I knew it he vanished into the terminal leaving me to consider why he used the road warrior label.   

Webster’s (my favorite book) defines “warrior” as a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.   And while I want to consider flying on USairways a battle of grand proportion I am not sure it would qualify me as a warrior.  Although it does take a brave soul to sit in a middle seat for six hours with no wifi and two rather large people on either side of you.  

I was therefore left to reflect on THPL and being a warrior and the travel comment…. my “takeaway” was that on each of our journey’s we measure ourselves on our ability to get to the destination and we can do so if we are willing to take on the obstacles, to be resourceful, to navigate unknown locations and circumstances.  It is easy in today’s modern day to avoid what the warrior gladly takes on.  Success is found in the act of engagement and follow through.  I offer that we should look around, take a take a moment, and see if you can find the warriors around us they – if you do, they will be easy to spot.  They are the one’s who do take the red-eye flight, who run 10 miles each day, who get their hair-messed up a bit in the battle we call life.  Do say hi to one of them next time you see one of them, they will appreciate it…

Loving life, and hanging with warriors!