Washington, DC

In Washington DC tonight - got back to the hotel late after a great client dinner and Sally was waiting for me in room.  How did she know I was here?  UGH - I should not have had that extra piece of broccoli  :-)  What to do?   I cannot hide, small room, too cold to go outside, essentially no running from her - no way, no how - Then it dawns on me - regardless of where we are, at home, a hotel, a friends house, our challenges come with us.  We can try to ignore them (well, some people can) but they are always there waiting for us.  So the choice is to face the challenge and to do something about it - stare it down - make it as simple as having a plan, staying true to your commitments and then working it till you achieve the goal and get that win.  You will have succeeded because you put effort into it - you pushed away doubts and put your heart and soul into the challenge.  You did it and there is no better feeling in the world.

And so you stay the course each day because you love the journey, you love the win and because it is about you and yourself - nothing else.  So, yea Sally is here and I am so glad she is.  I would have it no other way.  

2:40 tonight (4 seconds less than yesterday) - i sometimes wonder if how fast I look at the clock gives me plus or minus a few seconds but it really doesn’t matter - all that matters is getting to the end.  Followed the regular plan - 30 second rest and then to the end.  Then those ridiculous push-ups to torture myself - 135 again tonight.  run, bike etc……

loving life, that’s all


Joey g