Weekend Plans

On our THPL journey, when we are committed to the mission, we will feel energized and positive every day, of every week, of every year. The pursuit of high performance, of improvement in one’s life is an energy source all of its own.  It is indeed intrinsic and each of us have it which allows us to tap into it at any time that we so choose. 

And so it is that we can use this latent capability to help us optimize our days and our lives by forcing us to make active decisions about what we do each day and how it fits into the overall THPL that each of us feel.  Buoyed by this great and endless source of energy we need to seize on one of the best routes to improvement and that is our weekends and what they portend for what is possible.  Weekends are our secret weapon –they have many available hours, less distractions and more opportunity to plan challenge / schedule fitness excursions, and generally pursue all elements of Life, Learning and Fitness that are enablers of THPL.

The recommendation, then, is to think ahead about how to use your weekend.  Plan it (write it) out and then tape it to the fridge and make sure that what you committed to…. is what you do.  It can be big or small, that is not the issue – it just has to happen.  Hold yourself accountable to your weekend plans and before long you will be doing more and more and will be happier and happier for it.  Yes, we do need to treat weekends differently – they are our super fuel on the journey that is THPL.  

Loving life and weekends!


Joey G