What Can We Do?

I am sure by now that if you are a regular reader of the THPL blog you will readily agree that TEDx talks and THPL have a theme that is common across both.  The theme is about being on a journey that draws us in, a journey that has deep meaning to us, a journey that becomes our mission and is so compelling that we cannot leave it alone.  And so it is that Joel Sartore represents all that we thematically know from our THPL experience that drives us forward.  

With more than half of the world’s species threatened with extinction, Joel has used his role as a National Geographic photographer for 30 years, to embark on a personal mission to document this world worth saving.  His Photo Ark project looks animals in the eye and shows you why we should care and why we need to live our version of THPL to help support this important cause.  When we do so we can take our Life, and that of others, to another level; it is necessary that we do this because we have an obligation to protect our earth and our cohabitants on our beautiful planet.  It really is worth taking the twenty minutes to watch and listen to Joel.  The photos he shows are breathtaking and his message poignant and powerful.  It really is all about how we choose to live that will determine how this story and our version of THPL turns out.  It is indeed time that when we start with hope and then move to action that all can be well.  Yes, we can do something, of that there is no question……

Loving life with all of the animals around me