What Keeps you Going?

The journey that we take towards THPL will for certain test your will, your motivation, your nerve and more.  It is, after all, about High Performance, right? And well then maybe it won’t be hard….. maybe just maybe you have it all together.  Maybe, life comes easy to you – everything you do is perfect, effortless……and well then maybe not.  And so if you are normal like many of us, we have to find a way to motivate, to remain interested, to push when you do not feel like pushing, how else can we bring to life THPL for ourselves?

And my experience tells me that this process has to be active – not passive.  The old saying “pull yourself up by your boot straps” is the metaphor for action with the “why” as the question to ponder.  Can we define for ourselves the “why” so that there is purpose and meaning to the actions required for our version of THPL.  A friend of mine told me that it is all too easy to become dull and lifeless – how can we remain sharp and full of purpose, especially as time goes by?  The answers lie in each of us but here is a way to think about it:

  • Create structure that with follow through forms habit
  • Follow others who inspire you and chase them
  • Create the mindset that THPL is fun
  • Celebrate along the way
  • Use your new found power to give back
  • And do it again and again. 

This is what keeps me going.   How about you?

Loving life again and again and again