What to DO with Leftover Pickle Juice


Now really……. I know that is what you are saying to yourself.  This cannot be a blog post on THPL.  What could the connection between Leftover Pickle Brine and high performance be?  A good question and one that I paused on myself.  But I beg your indulgence; take a read of my thoughts and then you can be the judge.  Here goes….. high performance is all about getting the most out of the innate capability of a person, product, or thought.  And since we know that we do not start with our maximum capability being reached “out of the box”, we often find ourselves talking about stretching the limits, about pushing beyond normal, about finding how to get to a new level.  This is what our THPL journey is all about.  So, then what is the connection to pickle juice? 

For most people pickle juice is a “waste product” – it served its useful life as a brining liquid and so once the pickles have been consumed the pickle juice is of no use. Right?  Ah, but no, this is the point at which we need to think differently – is there a second life for pickle juice?  How else can it be used?  Can we give it a second and maybe even a third life.  I think the answer is yes.  Check out some of the creative ways that you can use pickle juice.

  • Of course you can just reuse the pickle juice to make more pickles, or pickle some summer vegetables like string beans, peppers, onions. They are all good once pickled and can be served as a starter or to complement an entrée
  • How about a Pickled Bloody Mary, add a splash to your drink to spice it up
  • Add pickle brine to boiled potatoes and you have the basis for an amazing potato salad
  • You can make unique and tasty marinades and dressings for steak, salads, and vegetables
  • And then of course there are pickleback shots.  They are indeed an acquired taste but they also do make for some interesting stories.

Ok, I hope I have convinced you that there is a connection to THPL - in this case the pickle juice is a metaphor for showing that anything is possible if you are willing to think more broadly than your current experiences allow you. Once you do you will know for sure how to move from simple beginnings where good things happen to a place where great things are the norm. 

Loving life with my shot of pickle juice