What's in a Look


The web is a wonderful resource – it connects us together as we have never been connected and it gives us access to a range of content that heretofore we would most likely never have seen.  We share photos, virally, and all the time.   And we tend to share photos that, when we see them, bring emotion and feeling to us that words alone could not do. It really is amazing how quickly we can be captivated by an image and how much energy and emotion we communicate with our look, our facial expressions.

And it got me to thinking about how a look can change an encounter.  Whether we realize it or not, whether we are active or passive, we lead with our look and it reflects how we feel  — - and to those around us we are telling all and they can tell how we are feeling by just looking at us.  Our THPL journey and tenets teach us that we have to be active and purposeful in all that we do.  Thus it would be important to think about our “look” and how we carry ourselves and  how we become more approachable as a result.  We can, with the right “at peace” look, reflect to others that we are enjoying life and the opportunities that it affords us. 

 So, next time you see a picture or a person that makes you smile – smile back at them.  Keep practicing “your look” with your friends, co-workers, family and others and see what happens when you start off with a smile and a happy feeling.  We might not get to the level of cuteness of this kitten but we certainly will have gone a long way to making each and every day of your life better than the one before!

Loving life, and smiling every day that I am here