What’s in a Name?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, the famous quote written by William Shakespeare, has Juliet arguing that it was the “thing” that mattered and not the name.  Dare I say that I disagree?  My experience, and I think that of many others (especially sales guys) is that someone’s name is indeed very important, quite personal and critical to effective person to person engagement.   And so as we further define the many strands of insights and good thinking that make for THPL we have a very practical and powerful set of thoughts for how you can simply operate on another level from others.  And it all starts with a name.

Let’s start with the fact that everyone likes to hear their name spoken and we all love to be addressed by our first name.  If you want proof try the following – next time you find yourself on the checkout line in a Target or Wal-Mart, check out the name badge of the store associate and engage them with their name “HI Joe, how are you doing?  Love the haircut (or whatever).”  Try it and you will find a level of engagement that is very different than the normal antiseptic process of getting out of the store.  Funny thing is that as simple of an act that this is…..very few people do it.  Try it – you will be one step closer to THPL.

Every sales guy will tell you that you have to remember a customer’s name – we all are told this – then why is it so difficult to remember someone’s name (not just a customer)?  The simple answer is we do not even try, we do not pay attention when the name is spoken, in fact at the moment all we are thinking about is ourselves (what do we want to say next?  Will they buy from me?  Do they like me?)  It is no wonder we do not remember their name. We never even tried.   Take the name challenge - try for once to be less self-centered when you meet someone new.  Make the encounter all about them and I guarantee you will remember their name. You want THPL – then you have to act differently on many levels – this is just one of them.  But when you do master this simple task you will be well on your way to THPL. (BTW – I know this is not going to be easy)

One more story to make the point.  A local weekly newspaper, in a rural WV town of 3,000, was losing circulation at an alarming rate – advertising was down and the editor was ready to close the paper.  He had one last shot to save the paper and he decided to give a crazy idea a try.  In the next paper he mentioned, in various articles, over 500 people who lived in the town.  The word spread and curiosity quickly drove that week’s circulation up to over 2,000 from a low of 500. All because people wanted to see their names in the paper – not anyone else’s just their own.   In the coming weeks and months the editor did the same thing again and again.  Circulation stayed high, the paper never closed and it was saved all because of the names (and egos) of the town residents.  So, if someone tells you a name does not matter you have every right to tell them they are uninformed.

THPL contemplates, as we have stated on numerous that we optimize on how we live.  We focus on setting goals in Life, Learning and Fitness and we know that getting there requires efficiency, effectiveness, and operating in each dimension better and better over time.  And a key element in achieving THPL is to optimize on our interpersonal relationships.  The better we relate with our peers, friends, family, co-workers and others, the better our lives are and it all starts with acknowledgment, caring and engagement.  And all of this starts with a name.  It is that simple.  THPL does not have to be complicated or hard – it just needs to work – give it a try – make someone’s name, as I important to you, as your name is to you - then watch the magic happen.

Sally till the end 3:26 + 25 seconds – got in a few pushups, 238 on the 4:17 song

Loving life and “you can call me Joe, thank you”