When No One is Watching

Integrity is often defined as doing the right thing when no one is watching, with no credit to drive your behavior, no recognition, and no direct benefit accrued.  In fact, it might even be considered a test of your character when you stop and think that doing the right thing will slow you down or take away time from your personal mission.  Ah, but, when we spawned the idea of THPL - of the journey we would take, the community we would be part of, and the personal goals we would set out to achieve - we also realized that THPL in its truest form is bigger than the individual.  Yes, we need our “own” version of THPL, but with a moment’s reflection it seems obvious that THPL needs to be shared more and we need to do more for others “when no one is watching”.  And so, as a reminder that THPL is bigger than each of us, here are a few (there is a much longer list than this) suggestions to consider that demonstrate how the THPL can come to life.

1.      In the category of Life – how about a focus on sustainability – we all need to do our part to make our world one that we are proud of and one for which future generations can also feel proud.  Recycle one can or bottle - carry it with you if you can avoid throwing it in the regular garbage.  How about picking up some trash others left and disposing of it properly.  Or even just turn off a few lights that were left on and not needed any longer.  Small changes, minimal effort on our part, but big results when done over and over again.

2.     Learning – The next time you find yourself disagreeing with someone take some time to research their point of view and get smarter about their position. Then use facts, not opinion or force of personality, to support your position. By respecting their argument and listening to it, your respect for the other person will show. And as you become more informed, your opinions may start to adjust, which is an exciting opportunity for personal growth.

3.     Fitness – the next time you go for a run, to the gym, or play tennis - whatever your interest - invite someone who might be a bit slower or a bit new to the endeavor.  Take the time to share your skill with them, help them improve, and be there for follow up when they need it.

We know THPL is all about an improvement in performance, usually our performance.  However, if we take actions like these, what do you think might happen?  And then what if you did them once a week, or once a month…….hard to imagine that it would not produce high performance both broadly and deeply….ultimately resulting in a THPL community that is better and bigger as a result.

Loving life especially when doing more for others