Whole Foods

OK, call me silly, but my drive from Scranton PA to Boston just got way, way better!  Whole Foods has opened a store on Route 84 in Danbury, CT.  Two hours from Scranton, right off of Exit4, and a perfect location to stop for the best dinner ever.  I am sure that some of you have had the pleasure of eating at Whole Foods and some have not.  The quick rundown is that Whole Foods started in 1980 in Austin TX when four locals (including John Mackay the current CEO) decided to start a Natural Foods grocery store.  23 years later they have grown to 340 locations but have never lost their roots or purpose.  I have been a customer of Whole Foods for at least 10 years and find their food profile to fit my interests and nutritional needs perfectly.  It is so fun to be able to eat from their food bar and to assemble a wide array of food items. They really do have something for everyone.  Food for vegetarians and carnivores the themes are the same, natural products, organic, high quality, good taste and as local as possible. 

When we talk about Life, Learning and Fitness, the food element of THPL can be slotted in any of the three categories but I would argue that it fits best in the Life category.  Food is important culturally, nutritionally and socially and a good food profile can stimulate the senses of taste, smell and touch.  So, there is no doubt that food is important to us day to day and it amps up a level when we have the right food you get the most out your journey in pursuit of THPL.  Focusing on eating the right food is critical as it provides you power and energy – the kind that keeps you at the top of your game.  And so I am now enabled – Whole Foods here I come!

Loving life as I Whole Foods groupie