Wicked Hard

There are times on the THPL journey when we need to push to our fitness limit.  And yes, I do believe that we ordinarily think about this during the prime of our fitness year, traditionally during the summer.  But since we are all collectively considering THPL to be a life style, not a moment, nor an event, we should be ready to turn it up to HIGH on a semi-regular basis.  It feels like one of those times now.  Holidays are coming to a close, we are getting ready for the New Year and we are potentially wondering about our fitness level, our commitment, and our will.  No better way to find out where that THPL spirit is than a good, wicked hard, challenge.  Yes, it is time to shock our system back to the theme that is high performance.

Just in case, there is a question about what “counts” – it is not volume but intensity that matters.  What is hard?  Intense?  Simple - you have to be wiped when done.  Could you do it again?  If yes, that is good, if you can do it two more times better, if you can do it more than three times the challenge is not hard enough.  Think this way - once is great, twice is awesome, three times amazing.  To reiterate, you need to be on the limit throughout the challenge.

It might take a bit of time to find your challenge, this is ok – we just need to make it count.  – it could be the ten minute pushup or pull-up challenge, or maybe suicide sprints, or a run straight uphill for example, a .8 mile hill, 750 feet of elevation gain – 17% grade average.  Wicked Hard, yes, on the limit from the first minute.  No reprieve - you just have to push hard and harder and harder again to make it to the top.  It can be even harder when there is snow on the road……  When done, this challenge was fondly named The Beast, yes indeed wicked hard

Loving life with the Beast there……



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