Winter is here for a while

Seems to me that we all had to pay today for the nice weather that was front and center during the Super Bowl.  Punxsutawney  Phil confirmed it yesterday – it was the perfect confluence on a Sunday the Super Bowl and Ground Hog Day – what did we expect?  So, we now have to get the idea in our head that we have six more weeks of winter.  This morning was the reminder – lots of snow and weather reports for more snow this week.  So, now we need to put on our best attitude and find a way to enjoy the last of the cold and wintery weather we will have for a while.  Maybe a walk in the snow, how about a snowball fight, maybe some skiing, snowshoeing?  We might as well go with it – appreciate it and think that in a short while we will be wishing it was cooler.  Enjoy what you have, don’t wish the days away and smile for the beauty that is winter. 

Loving life and winter as well.