Winter Solstice

For all of us who live on this earth, nothing is as fundamental to us as sunlight and the resulting amount of sunlight that we get every day.  It affects our mood, the activities that we do and the way we think and sleep.  Sunlight is critical to our overall well-being and if you follow the THPL life you know that more sunlight means more activity and more activity begets higher performance, so, yes, today is a big day - December 21 at 12:11 pm the winter solstice officially occurred.  The good news is that, starting tomorrow, we will start to get more and more daylight/sunlight every day between now and June 21 when we hit the summer solstice

The word “solstice” comes from the Latin words “sol” for sun and “sisto” for “stop.” And so today, on Dec. 21, the sun will stop moving southward, pause and begin moving northward.  And with this we have our opportunity to do the same thing.  We know we often find ourselves doing that which we know does not fit into THPL.  And we also know that it is often hard to get ourselves back on track.  So what if we used a day like today, one when the whole mass of the world stops moving in one direction and starts moving back the other way – back towards the light – to signal that we do have the power to change that which we previously could not change.  We know the outcome would be good if we change and it would appear that we do have the power to change as well.  Seriously, if the mass of the earth could be stopped and reversed then there is no real excuse for us to not be able to do the same thing.  Looking forward, in the THPL parlance, we will be able to consider the solstice as our trigger to get back on track, if it is needed, and if not we will just appreciate that the days are going to get more sunlight and we will make sure to take full advantage of them.

Loving life knowing that more sunlight is on the way



Photo by Steve Fuller