Workout Partners

 We all know that THPL can skew towards Fitness as the primary dimension of a THPL journey.  And this is not a bad thing – it can be fun, motivating, energizing and rewarding to focus on your fitness.  As with any part of THPL, though, we can always take it to the next level.  And one way to do this is to have a workout partner(s) with whom you can share your obsession, your sacrifice, your goals and your activities.  When you have a core partner you can seek out even more rewarding experiences.  You can challenge each other, create plans and dreams, and most importantly grow a friendship that comes from the shared experience you are both committed to.   And so, let’s make sure we invest the time and commitment required to build this foundation layer for THPL in your life.

 Loving life, when I am with my workout partner