World Cup

I would be remiss not to make an active connection between THPL and the World Cup.  There are so many attributes of the World Cup experience that remind us of what THPL is all about.  It is about truly remarkable performances, and incredible talents, and amazing skills – these attributes are years in the making and regardless of what country you live in (or root for) the event brings together this array of high levels of performance for all of us to enjoy.  But as I look at the games, no actually as the billions of people around the world watch the World Cup, I am reminded of the spirit that a fan, a community, a nation can bring to an event and to our lives. For a moment we forget all that is troubling around us and we pour out our emotions for good – we cheer, we root, we demand that “our team” put in the right effort at the right time to get the win.  And we have seen how spirited the reaction is when we get a win.  Across America the win of yesterday reverberated and the vibrations felt good.  The underdog winning – it is the story we love to tell, we love to hear and we love to be part of.  Yes indeed the World Cup has already delivered its version of THPL and we are all happy to be part of it.   Stay tuned I am sure that the best is yet to come.

 Loving life, and the World Cup