Most everyone who follows THPL are driven, purposeful, and goal oriented people.  We take on tasks and we work hard to improve.  We focus on improving performance and we do it by repeating again and again the activity that we are most inclined to do – usually the one that we are good at.  So runners run a lot, swimmers swim a lot, etc.  The challenge with a singular focus is that the body, while it can do very well in becoming expert at a particular movement, normalizes the activity such that it starts to reduce our capability to do other activities.  We become good at moving in “one direction” and we know that life is more than uni-directional.  There are a few good ways to overcome this potential issue with integrating other activities into one’s routine; the one that seems to be particularly effective is Yoga. 

Yoga uses a combination of physical stretching and body position to strengthen us and enable us to use mind and body in harmony to improve our overall health.  It is designed to restore, strengthen and optimize health.  It provides balance and creates a connection between what we do and how our body works.  It really is important to take the time to give back to your body and to do so on a regular basis.  Think of it as fertilizing your core activity with your own organic movements.  When done well, yoga enables THPL to go to the next level – and that is what it is all about after all……

Loving life and learning to love yoga



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