You are a Hero

The Kid president did it again – he inspired me to share his video.  His latest pep talk goes out to all of us who have the potential to be heroes.  Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.   He says it well – you might look in the mirror and not see a hero but there is a hero in all of us.  The only question is do we want to do anything about it?  Are we willing to go beyond ourselves to help others – to do what we are capable of?  There are many good reasons not to try – we know them all too well.  Most of them are about us.  Our failings, our weaknesses, our fear.  But being a hero is not about us – it is about everyone else. It is about the person you can help, the person who looks up to you, it about doing something without no expectation of payback.  Think of it – what if someone told you “You are my hero”   How might you feel?  I bet pretty good…..and then imagine how good someone else had to feel to call you their hero.  Put those two feelings together and the moment is magical.  When you think about it in that context there is nothing to wait for.  Yes it is time for you to be a hero. 

Enjoy the Kid President’s video – it is worthy of the four minutes –

Loving life when I am a hero!